Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving travel streamlined - not!

I'm as pleased as anyone to hear that President Bush cares about my Thanksgiving travel headaches. It's wonderful that there will be extra space for flights in the sky, and extra airline staff in the airports to help out.

Now is someone going to make sure the TSA doesn't screw it all up? In my experience, the bottlenecks are frequently TSA incompetence and understaffing, not any of the other problems. If I can't get through security, it doesn't matter whether my flight is on time or not.

Keep your fingers crossed for me - I'm California-bound!


Blogger Michael said...

Hey! That's really a great news that there is going to be some extra flights with some extra crews. Let's hope for the best that you'll come out with your problem very soon. Anyway what are you going to do on Thanksgiving this year? I just dropped by your blog to wish you in advance a Happy Thanksgiving.

12:02 AM  

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