Thursday, October 04, 2007

Everything but real security

I recently visited a government building where they had me remove my change, keys, belt, cell phone, and watch, and then walk through a metal detector. So far, so good. But they didn't have an X-Ray machine, so they just let me carry my backpack around the outside of the detector.

My backpack measures 15" wide x 9" deep x 18" tall, and is crammed with all the usual stuff a geek carries - laptop, MP3 player, GPS, various power adapters & chargers, etc. No one looked inside, or even asked me what I was carrying.

So what value was added by the X-Ray machine? Feel good security!


Blogger Vatsal said...

very true, lot of times this illusion of safety(by some means like the xray machine) is more dangerous than not having any security in place,

the experience sounds like your email signature
"Those who would sacrifice system security for convenience deserve neither."

btw what does ABQORDIA means?

keep writing

- Vatsal Avasthi

9:44 AM  

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