Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Year in Cities

My friend Gunnar Petersen posted his list of cities visited in 2007. Seems like fun - mine is much longer this year than most, largely due to college visits with my son. The rules on this "contest" are somewhat vague - I included only places at least 100 miles from home, and didn't include towns/cities in close proximity. On the other hand, I did include places where I made a real visit, even if I didn't stay there overnight.

Bangalore, India
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Blacksburg, VA
Boston, MA
Charlottesville, VA *
Chennai, India
Chicago, IL *
Cork, Ireland
Darmstadt, Germany *
Dingle, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Frankfort, Kentucky *
Frankfurt, Germany *
Kildare, Ireland
Kilkenny, Ireland
Los Angeles, CA
Rochester, NY
Miami, FL
Oberlin, OH
Pittsburgh, PA *
Richmond, VA
San Francisco, CA
Sofia, Bulgaria
Worcester, MA

* means more than one trip

Happy New Year, everyone!


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