Tuesday, February 05, 2008

United really doesn't want to hear from you

Not related to security or voting, but a rant about poor customer service today.

Yesterday, United Airlines announced a change to their baggage check policy - for mere mortals, it will now cost $25 to check more than one bag. Now I don't do that very often - and it's their right to make changes - but it's a bad policy anyway. It'll just encourage people to carry on even more and larger suitcases and try to stuff them into the too-small overhead bins.

So I decided to give United my opinion. Went to their customer service page, and clicked on "Submit a Question". It says " ERROR: Could not create process" which seems appropriate - United is unable to create any sort of process that involves listening to customers or thinking through the results of decisions.

I guess when my kids go back and forth to college (which frequently involves multiple suitcases), they'll cross United off their lists.


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